Center Set Sexuality
EPISODE 417 |Mike Erre/Suzie P. Lind | 08/21/2023

Center Set Sexuality. Today, we talk with Pastor Suzie P. Lind about what a center set approach to sexuality might look like. What does healthy desire look like? How do we talk to our kids about sex? Why wait until marriage? What is God's ideal?

Angel Story:
-Overspiritualized view of sex
-Bounded approach to sex: Purity Culture
-Led to purity codes
-Taught us to fear sexual desire

Animal Story:
-Expressive Individualism
-Underspiritualized view of sex
-Fuzzy set approach to sex: Anything goes
-Consent is only factor
-Taught us to follow Sexual desire

Human story:
-Embodied Theology
-Center Set approach to sex
-Which leads to wisdom
-Taught us to form sexual desire

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