Revelation Part Twelve: America the Beautiful?
EPISODE 412 |Mike Erre | 07/17/2023

America the Beautiful? Today, Mike and Tim fight off a Seth and Mazzy interruption to discuss how the model of ‘Christian Nationalism’ is nothing new. Rome built a civic religion that John rebuked… What exactly does a civic religion look like in this case? How has America followed Rome? What parts of civic life have we ordained? Solemn devotion and allegiance? Blessing of the State? What lens does John offer us to examine? Is it unpatriotic to critique America? How do we as Christians exercise a healthy patriotism while advocating for the Kingdom of God? Has Christianity, as the dominant American religion, been co opted in service to the sacralization of power? How do we take the narrative back?!?!? How do we participate, even with pride, and resist the baptizing of American ritual? How did self preservation become a Christian trait when we follow a sacrificial God?

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