Revelation – Part Fourteen: Sexual Immorality
EPISODE 415 |Mike Erre | 08/07/2023

Revelation – Part Fourteen: Sexual Immorality. Here we go… Image. Likeness. Desire. Dominion. Human. Purity. Angels. Animals. Holy moly. God created us fully human – not to be animals, not be angels. An animal – physical body, but no spiritual life. An angel – spiritual life, but no physical body. God didn’t not create us angels, nor did he create us animals… Human beings are unique in creation – fully physical and fully spiritual…two distinct realms brought together in humans. So what does that mean for sex?

Theological Considerations: 

  1. Who am I? 
    1. Beloved by God in brokenness/I am a guest at Jesus’ table
    2. Log and Speck – I am deeply broken, too
  2. What community am I a part of? 
    1. I am part of a community that is called to offer hospitality to the outcasts and marginalized – FORSAKING ALL OLD CREATION DYNAMICS 
    2. I am part of a community has done real harm to LGBTQ+ people –  they are wounded deeply and set up in the worst possible state to figure this out (rejected by family and church)
    3. I am part of a community that regularly fails to to include single, divorced, and gay people. 
    4. I am part of a community that is focused on sexuality disproportionately relative to it’s emphasis in the scriptures 
    5. I am part of a community that has lost any authority to instruct others on sexual matters

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