Three Men & a Barbie
EPISODE 414 |Mike Erre/Dr. Timothy Gombis (SPOILERS) | 07/31/2023

Three Men & a Barbie. CONTENT WARNING: There is talk of rape culture and suicide. ANNND, SPOLIERS FOR BARBIE!! Today, Mike and Tim welcome the other Tim (Freakin Gombis) to discuss the new film 'Barbie,' by revisiting the conversation "God is Not in Control" (episode 239). What is the controversy about? Is the film too feminist or not feminist enough? What are folks like Ben Shapiro so triggered by? How does our need for God to be 'in control,' shape the narrative of 'control' in this time? How do we manifest 'control' in God's name? How does Oppenheimer fit in? Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds…

We also read a listener email dealing with suicide. What is the correct posture and response when we were mostly raised to understand suicide as the 'unforgivable sin?'

Gloria's speech from Barbie: HERE

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