A Captive Mind
EPISODE 372 |Mike Erre/Chris Nye | 10/10/2022

A Captive Mind. Today, Mike and Tim chat with new friend Chris Nye about his new book, “A Captive Mind: Christianity, Ideologies, and Staying Sane in a World Gone Mad.” Chris is a former pastor and current author who lives in Portland, Oregon. We have a great discussion about ideologies and how we become subject to them. How does Christianity relate to this captivity? What do we do when folks let go of ‘faith’ for rhetoric? What role does patience and humility play in our relationship to the world, but also to a Church that has become captive to ideologies of their own?? Is Christianity an idea or an event and what is the difference?  How does the Gospel of Jesus change this conversation? It’s a really important conversation for us, today.

First, Mike discusses a letter and book that was sent to him on how to vote and Tim brings up the Herschel Walker fiasco as well as folks running for office unabashedly claiming the ‘Christian Nationalist’ title. How has holding these ideologies changed the way the conservative agenda is sought? How do we enter into conversation with folks who cling to their rhetoric despite its hollowness?

You can interact with, and find Chris’s book: HERE

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