Christ, Capitalism & Critical Race Theory
EPISODE 273 |Mike Erre/Timothy Gombis, PhD | 12/07/2020

We’re taking a little break from the Sermon On The Mount today to talk about a few conversations that are currently being had. Today we sit down with brother of the pod, our good friend and scholar Dr. Timothy George Gombis! The conversation begins with the Southern Baptist declaration that “Critical Race Theory (CRT), Intersectionality and any version of Critical Theory is incompatible with the Baptist Faith & Message.” Heyo! What is CRT? What functions does it perform? Why is there opposition to it? We segue from there into everyone’s second favorite Thanksgiving dinner topic, Capitalism. We wrestle with how Capitalism has made its way into the church and what the Bible has to say about it. Gombis has some thoughts… It’s a wild ride!

As always, we encourage and would love discussion as we pursue. Always feel free to email in questions to hello@voxpodcast.com, and to engage the conversation on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

The Southern Baptist Statement: https://www.baptistpress.com/resource-library/news/seminary-presidents-reaffirm-bfm-declare-crt-incompatible/

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