Flood & Fury
EPISODE 403 |Mike Erre/Dr. Matthew Lynch | 05/15/2023

Flood & Fury. This episode, Mike and Tim sit down with author Dr. Matthew Lynch, to discuss his banger of a new book, "Flood and Fury: Engaging Old Testament Violence." Dr. Lynch is an Associate Professor of Old Testament at Regent College. He sits down and talks the VOXers through how to engage in healthy criticism when approaching ancient texts filled with violence and fury. How have we messed this up? For example, what message from Genesis do the author's want us to walk away with? How do these stories operate? How are these stories told and how are they to be received? Which lenses do we use from our seats in 2023?? How do the authors communicate who God is within these stories and who is the actual villain??? It's a great conversation with a great new friend.

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