Gospel and Gombis: Part One
EPISODE 386 |Mike Erre | 01/16/2023

Gospel and Gombis. Starting a new series of conversations with Dr. Timothy Freakin Gombis that will feature once a month or so. This is the “Gospel” we received growing up: I am a sinner. God’d wrath is upon me and that wrath is a judgment that occurs after I die. If I have not accepted Christ then I am damned to Hell where I am tortured for an eternity. However, if that process is interrupted and someone shares the Gospel with me and I pray a prayer that invites Jesus into my heart, then won that day of judgment I am welcomed into Heaven… What is the invitation to Jesus? How has the way we have individualized the Gospel effected its message? What did the phrase ‘the Kingdom of God’ cultivate in people and their communities in Jesus’s time? What was the invitation then? What is the Kingdom invitation now? What have we added to it to confuse or distort the invitation?

18:00 – The Gospel and Gombis

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