Heaven, Hell, And Climate Change
EPISODE 56 |Mike Erre | 11/28/2016

Brad Erre, Mike’s brother made us aware of a Facebook discussion group he hosts where they discuss issues on the VOX Podcast. One issue, we have not discussed is the Christian responsibility to take care of the earth. Should we care about Climate Change? Should we care about animals? This episode is for you, Brad. And anyone else who cares about this sort of thing. Oh, and we talk about what Hell is really like.

Here’s the links to the diagrams mentioned on the show.
Diagram 1 -http://i.imgur.com/j1ryx0N.jpg
Diagram 2 -http://i.imgur.com/LV9nW0c.jpg

Also, here is the link to the VOX Community episode where we begin our discussion on Hell: http://bit.ly/VOXComm_HellPt1

– Mike Erre

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