Hell, Judgement & Ultimate Redemption
EPISODE 233 |Mike Erre/Bradley Jersak | 03/16/2020

We sat down with Dr. Bradley Jersak to discuss his book on judgment and hell called “Her Gates Will Never Be Shut.” In this conversation, we explore the many differing views of hell and how they differ from one another, the question of judgment including who is judged and if it’s eternal or temporal. Dr. Jersak takes us through numerous Scriptures, definitions & Church history, as well as pastoral care. We value these types of conversations as we believe they are essential in learning more about parts of our faith that may have been inherited, and giving ourselves and our community a chance to own them for ourselves. For more information on Dr. Jersak and his work, visit: https://bradjersak.com and you can find his newest book, “In” here: https://www.amazon.com/Incarnation-Inclusion-Abba-Lamb-ebook/dp/B07VSP1J71/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Bradley+Jersak+in&qid=1584370073&sr=8-1

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