How NOT to Talk to an Atheist – Guest Mark Salomon
EPISODE 25 |Mike Erre/Mark Salomon | 09/14/2016

In this episode we feature our friend Mark Salomon, who emailed us for help after a crash and burn debate with an atheist on another podcast he was a guest on, The Pastor with No Answers (https://soundcloud.com/pastor-with-no-answers). We’d encourage you to go and listen to both (yes, both) episodes where, unexpectedly, Mark finds himself in a debate with an atheist, and not a conversation. We’ve all been there. Mark Salomon sings for the band Stavesacre and was a leading archetype for the birth of the “Christian” punk and hardcore scene in the 80’s and also hosts his own podcast, Never Was. We also uncover really what the Ohio State colors represent for Mike. Share and enjoy. All links for this show are in the producer notes below. Warning, there is mild profanity used in this episode. Kids and Moms, EARMUFFS!

– Mike Erre

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Producer Notes

Thank you Mark for being on the show! You can check out his podcast, Never Was here >> www.ineverwas.com

Please visit Pastor with No Answers here:

Below are the two episodes in reference to this show. Please, be open minded to the content of these episodes as they are very raw conversations. Be aware you will hear some profanity as well. If that is not your thing, I suggest maybe avoiding these.

PT 1 – www.soundcloud.com/tracks/241364335
Pt. 2 – www.soundcloud.com/tracks/242494082

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