Kingdom Of God & Politics – The VOX Podcast LIVE Show
EPISODE 52 |Mike Erre | 10/31/2016

This week’s podcast was recorded LIVE from Villain Studio in Placentia, CA to an audience who showed up, drank a couple beers with us, and asked great questions about how Christians might respond in this political season. We look forward to doing more LIVE shows, please check back at www.voxpodcast.com or email us hello@voxpodcast.com for more details in the future.

In the episode we discuss what the Christian response should be in this energized and controversal election season. We challenge our audience to consider that if you can hold a passionate and unwavering opinion only once every 4 years when a candidate is advocating your moral world view, you better be as passionate about that agenda the rest of the time in between. We also spend time answering great questions from our live audience.

Thank you everyone who came out on Thursday night! We had an incredible time and hope to see you again soon!

*You can stream the whole episode live on our Facebook page here: http://bit.ly/VXLVEPolitics

– Mike Erre

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