LIVE Questions – Cool Pastors, Jesus, Judgement, And Exclusiveness.
EPISODE 72 |Mike Erre | 03/27/2017

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VOX Podcast Facebook LIVE Q&A March 23, 2017

1. Is there a way to become a cool/wise/urban teaching pastor like Mike Erre, Tim Mackie, John Mark Comer, Francis Chan & Dave Lomas without paying thousands of dollars at a seminary school?

2. Are you really a follower of Jesus, if you don’t follow Jesus’ teachings? Or rather, if you don’t live your life with love, like Jesus did, are you really a follower of Jesus? For instance, will you go to heaven only if you are a follower of Jesus? If you say you believe in Jesus, but don’t live as his witness through Love are you saved?

3. So you say the church exists to love and serve the world, not to sit in judgment of it, how should the church respond to sin within the church? In my experience, we judge not only those on the outside but are really good about judging those inside too.

4. What would you say to Christian’s who use II Corinthians 6:14-18 as a reason for excluding non-Christian friend’s and “the world”?… what is your take on this section of the Bible especially in light of the “safe to belong” idea this church is founded on?


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