LIVE Questions – Gospel Of Paul, Wives Submit To Husbands, Satan, And Bible Canonization
EPISODE 83 |Mike Erre | 05/04/2017

VOX LIVE Questions – Gospel of Paul, Wives Submit to Husbands, Satan, and Bible canonization – May 4th, 2017

1. Hi Mike – you spoke in a podcast recently about having a faith based on Paul vs having it build on Jesus and the gospel. Can you expound more on this and the implications of each?

2. Can you explain submission/ the love and respect dichotomy described in Ephesians 5? I want to follow and obey God, but I have seen many poor examples of men abusing their power and women being disrespected in marriages. What does it mean to submit to a husband? Should love and respect go both ways? Does a man actually have the final say? As a single person, marriage doesn’t sound that appealing if in the end my opinion isn’t as important as a man’s. Shouldn’t all disagreements be discussed and both parties compromise at times? I would think having a mentality of submission/authority would be detrimental to healthy and functioning relationship.

3. Can God destroy Satan? If so, why hasn’t he? If not, why can’t he?

4. Can you talk about the canonization and why some books of the bible are in there and why others like Gospel of Thomas is not in there?


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