LIVE Questions – Hell, Water To Wine, What Is Faith?
EPISODE 94 |Mike Erre | 06/16/2017

VOX LIVE Questions – Hell, Water to Wine, What is faith? – June 15th, 2017

1. So often I have found church after church and pastor after pastor who teach and claim their own anxiety based insecurities.
I understand that the Church is an imperfect system run by imperfect people to serve a perfect God and will never be complete until the second coming. However, I do not understand why there is rampant denying of the core message of Jesus; hope, love, and grace offered to all.
I struggle with trusting pastors and churches because of this. How can such love be offered yet continuously erroneously conditional? How can a pastor/church claim such power in Jesus yet directly go against said power? Sorry for the rambling.
2. What are your feelings on hell? Some believe it’s a place of eternal torment, but others believe it’s a place of annihilation where evil ceases to exist. Some also believe it’s a state of purgatory, and eventually everyone becomes reconciled with God. Do you believe in the possibility of universal reconciliation?
3. Why was the first miracle water being turned into wine when people were probably already pretty drunk?
4. I know we idealize many OT prophets’ faith in God, but I hardly think stories like Abraham show any extraordinary faith. An honest critique is he jacked it all up trying to figure out and do for God what God said He was going to do for him. I mean the collateral damage from Abraham sleeping with Hagar is disgusting, yet the Bible says he has great faith. If anything I think this story shows us the reality of God doing for us what we can’t fathom or begin to do for ourselves. So what is belief/faith then? Can God take the disjointed, obscured and jacked up faiths of those who have some idea of a God and what He’s like, yet don’t get it all quite right including how they practice or even knowing about Jesus? Can He take our pathetic efforts and also count us as righteous because of Christ doing for us what we can’t do for ourselves?

– Mike Erre

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