LIVE Questions – Prayer, LGBTQ, Suffering, Personal Change, And Religious Differences.
EPISODE 96 |Mike Erre | 06/23/2017

VOX Questions – Prayer, LGBTQ, suffering, personal change, religious differences. – June 22, 2017

1. Why do you pray to Jesus when He clearly instructs us to pray to God his father?

2. Will LGBT ever receive the same grace & full inclusion in the church as people that have been divorced? It’s very confusing & irritating that while divorce is very clearly against God’s, Jesus’ & other biblical leader’s teachings; we allow them grace & fully include them in church,(which is awesome!) leadership & even allow remarriage (also a biblical no no) All the while LGBT people deeply desire to be a part of the church community yet barely are allowed to come inside & if they are, they are told they cannot be full members, share their stories publicly, married or serve in leadership.

3. If we are going to suffer our whole lives, why should we put time and energy into following God? Why not just be kind to others and distract ourselves from the pain? It’s disheartening to “follow”‘someone who doesn’t help with the pain.

4. How do we go about changing our hearts to want for something better, like wanting broccoli over ice cream? Is that change something we should strive towards ourselves, is that only done through prayer, or is it a combination of the two?

5. I was excited to learn more of Christ’s fulfillment of the law from Jesus’ teachings, especially as it is the final week of Ramadan. This past Fri-Sat, I had the honor of staying with a Muslim family and fasting with them. In becoming closer these past few months, each time I leave their home in awe of how there is no dichotomy with faith & life, yet at the same time a complete brokenness for their life without Jesus Christ. I have received mixed responses from “Christians” saying that i should be more bold with our differences, or not respond so openly. Is that right? Should I be more moved in anger by their misinterpretation of God?

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