LIVE Questions – Tithing, Apostle Names, And Lust
EPISODE 78 |Mike Erre | 04/14/2017

VOX Podcast LIVE Q&A – Tithing, Apostle Names, and Lust- April 13, 2017

Is tithing strictly an old testament command? I was raised believing you should give at least 10% of your income based on this command. Do you agree?

I saw this question in a meme on Facebook but it got me thinking… how did guys with the names Matthew, Mark, Luke and John end up in the Middle East?

Hi Mike, I struggle with the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus equates lust and anger to adultery and murder. This seems unreasonable to me. If my spouse were to say “I’ve had lustful thoughts about a coworker” I would calmly say “ok, let’s take steps to avoid that.” But if they were to say “I slept with a coworker” I would go through the roof. Similarly, if I were to cut someone off in traffic, I would never equate them giving me the finger to them pulling out a gun and trying to shoot me. I understand that sin begins in the heart, and that is where the issue needs to be met. But this 1 to 1 equation doesn’t make any sense to me. Care to clarify?

– Mike Erre

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