Man Up!
EPISODE 374 |Mike Erre | 10/24/2022

Man Up!  There has been a resurgence of Christian rhetoric around ‘Biblical Masculinity,’ with conferences like Man Up! and books that speak to the ‘Masculinity of Jesus,’ railing against the effeminate, egalitarian, ‘soft’ Jesus. Today, we take walk through Genesis 1 to see what the Bible actually says about gender and the the imposed hierarchy of male and female. Why do Christians want to uphold the macho man, head of the house aspect of masculinity so much? How does the creation story unfold? Were women created solely as servants and the ‘lesser’ sex? How do the words during the human creation actually translate? What was our intended purpose and how did our ‘curses’ after the garden speak to that? How did everything get so twisted? There’s a lot to unpack.

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