Masters of the Universe
EPISODE 301 |Mike Erre | 06/21/2021

Masters of the Universe. What the what? Today we continue the conversation on New Creation dynamics with further exploration of the Heavenly Realm and the divine beings who occupy it. How important is all of this to understanding scripture and the overall narrative? What did Paul have to say in reference to all these beings? Did they play a role in his ministry? Are demons the spirits of fallen Nephilim (we don’t know)? This stuff is all bananas.

First we spend some time on a listener email. We enter in to how we are to interact with mis-translations and agendas within Bible translations. Who do you trust? Who can you trust? How do we handle the concept of errancy and what does it really mean when approaching the Bible? Also, how does Gombis’s critique of sentimentality relate to emotion, and the emotional response we feel as both worshipers and worship leaders? Does music not evoke this naturally? What are we to do with all of this?

There was a lot to talk about and we talked about it all.

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