Orlando, Outrage, and the Lost Art of Lament
EPISODE 34 |Mike Erre | 09/14/2016

In this episode we discuss the term of lament and it’s great value in public display. Orlando, Kenya, Chicago, and many more experienced horrific violent tragedies within the last two weeks. We felt it necessary to step back and consider how Jesus might have us pause, observe a world filled with grief and sorrow, and stand along side them and reflect that the world is a much different place for them now. And will never be the same. Andy and I have taken the action to black out our profile images on our social media accounts as a symbol of our pause for the next 7 days in lament for these horrific events and the thousands of people it effects. We invite you to join us if you should feel so led. Even then, it still does not feel like that is even enough. We hope it starts a conversation. And a way for the church to make Jesus beautiful as we weep, stay present, and offer our time and acknowledgement for those who have lost so much in these events. Jesus come quickly.

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