Race, Abortion & Evangelicals
EPISODE 264 |Mike Erre/Phil Vischer | 10/05/2020

Race, Abortion & Evangelicals. Today we’re diverging from the Sermon on The Mount, to talk about the history of segregation and race relations in America. We’re joined by friend Phil Vischer from our cousin podcast, The Holy Post. Phil recently released a pair of videos on race that went viral and stirred up conversation. What is the history of segregation in the U.S.? What about within the church? What responsibility do we have today for the sins of yesterday? When did abortion become the singular issue the church rallies behind? How can we listen to one another first, before engaging in a posture of angry disagreement? We discuss being Christians with different life experiences coming to radically different conclusions on how each of us should vote and become active.

You can see Phil’s video here: https://youtu.be/AGUwcs9qJXY

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