Revelation – Part Three: Apocalypse
EPISODE 390 |Mike Erre | 02/13/2023

Revelation – Part Three: Apocalypse. This episode, Mike and Tim begin a conversation on ‘genre,’ and how the original audience understood and entered into the ‘apocalyptic literature’ of Revelation. How does the first sentence set up the book? What are we to understand from the time period? How does time itself inform how we approach Revelation? How is the Bible like a Barnes & Noble or any bookstore? How have we done a disservice to the text with a linear approach?  

First, Mike and Tim discuss an email asking about the “He Gets Us” ad campaign that will feature during the Super Bowl. Is this how “evangelism” should look? Would Jesus use this approach? Is more eyes on Jesus a good or bad thing, especially in a commercial setting?  And Tim shares some Tim’s Troubled Times over extreme conservatives who are attacking schools and why did Trump execute three times as many people during his Presidency that the US had in the last 60 years?  

Characteristics of Apocalyptic Literature:  

1. Pseudonymous 

2. Narrative Form  

3. Filled with Symbolism  

4. Employs esoteric language interpreted through a heavenly intermediary  

5.  Characterized by Dualism  

6. Treats the final events as imminent. 

7. Expresses a pessimistic view of the present time 

8. Deterministic Future

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