Revelation – Part Two: Left Behind
EPISODE 388 |Mike Erre | 01/30/2023

Revelation Part Two: Left Behind. Today, Mike takes us on a journey through a few hot button, five cent words: Dispensationalism! Tribulation! Rapture! The Millennium! How have we gotten to where we are with the prophetic, futurist view we have of Revelation? What do all these terms mean? How did they become all encompassing with our understanding of the book? How do we detach from all of that to see what is really being said?  

Mike and Tim spend the first part of the episode discussing a listener email that prompts a conversation about why bad things happen to faithful people. Does God really bring good from all things? Does God allow or prompt evil so that good may prevail?What are we to do with sickness and tragedy?

As always, we encourage and would love discussion as we pursue. Always feel free to email in questions to hello@voxpodcast.com, and to engage the conversation on Facebook and Instagram.

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