The Jewishness of the Gospel
EPISODE 355 |Mike Erre/Dr. Jen Rosner | 06/13/2022

The Jewishness of the Gospel. Today, Mike and Tim sit down with Dr. Jen Rosner, to discus her new book “Finding Messiah: A Journey into the Jewishness of the Gospel.” Jen, who was born Jewish and later became a Christian, walks us through her own Journey and what she found in study as she reconciled the two traditions and bridges the ancient rift between Jewish identity and Christian faith. How do we so often forget that Jesus was Jewish? How did his Jewish identity inform his work, words, and witness? “When we begin to understand Christianity’s indelible relationship to Judaism, key aspects of the Christian faith come alive and the wonder of the gospel becomes clear in new and powerful ways. Rediscover the Jewish Jesus, and in so doing, experience a deeper and richer faith than ever before.”

Dr. Rosner is an Affiliate Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary. You can connect with Jen and purchase her book HERE.

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