The Wanderer – Episode 2: Grief, Grace and the Grotesque
EPISODE |Mike Erre | 09/15/2021

The Wanderer: Grief, Grace and the Grotesque. Intriguing title, right? It reads like the title of Tim Stafford’s autobiography. 

Episode Two: Previously on The Wanderer, Dr. Timothy Gombis and Timothy John Stafford discussed their personal histories with the band and how U2’s journey in many ways mirrored their own spiritual development. Today, the Tims dive deeper into theme and some rich spiritual ideas that are discussed in a few songs in particular. How do grief and hope relate? How is it discussed outside of sentimentality? What is the mood on ‘Silent Saturday,’ the day between the crucifixion and the resurrection? What is Jesus’s relationship to the Grotesque? How can something be both twisted and beautiful at once? What is the grammar of the Gospel? What is the logic of the Gospel??

This will be a three episode mini series, and the first of several topical conversations that will be had under the moniker of the Wanderer. If Voxology is the record, the Wanderer is the b-sides.

You can listen to all the songs mentioned in this episode here: The Wanderer – U2 Playlist

Tim Gombis’s podcast, Faith Improvised can be found here: iTunes & Spotify

Thanks for Wandering with us.

The Wanderer is part of the Voxology Podcast

The opening music is The Longest Line, by Timothy John Stafford. It is from the EP Letters From Lancaster Prison.

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