The Wanderer – Songs of Resistance: Minuit Chrétien
EPISODE |Mike Erre | 12/14/2022

Songs of Resistance: Minuit Chrétien. Welcome to another mini series of The Wanderer, this time focused on trying to understand and define worship. Each episode will look at the history of a particular Hymn and its origin story, how it may have roots in Justice and what it may encourage us to participate in today. Further, every episode will end with a recorded version of the song by Tim, to listen to after walking through the song’s history. This first episode looks at the Christmas time hymn, “O Holy Night,” and how it became an abolitionist anthem.  How can it challenge us today? What role does music like this serve in our lives?

Here, in this first episode, Tim briefly speaks to the genesis of this series and his struggles with modern worship and how they led to his no longer leading (or singing, or participating, or not cringing). What is worship? What does God ask of us in this? How to we enter into counter programming to rewire the way we worship and operate on a daily basis.

This is the long road. 

Some points of reference:




The vintage sample is by Kenny Baker in 1938 https://archive.org/

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