Trump and Evangelical Inferiority Complex
EPISODE 36 |Mike Erre | 09/14/2016

In this episode we talk about the politics of fear, again. Recently I had tweeted “I’m glad the version of Christianity represented here will soon perish: Trump Announces Evangelical Advisory Board shar.es/1JQvI5”, as a reference to the appointing of a republican supported evangelical board of advisors. Since then, a “neutral” closed-door meeting of 1000+/- evangelicals were gathered to discuss issues with Donald Trump, and we take the time to read through some of the transcript of the items addressed. We strongly believe someone was not represented at this gathering, and His name is Jesus. However, strongly present in the meeting were comments of how inferior the church is, and how we need to get our “power” back, according to Trump. Looking forward to you thoughts!

For your own reading, here is the transcript:

– Mike Erre

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