Understanding the Bible: Part Eight – Context
EPISODE 312 |Mike Erre | 09/07/2021

Understanding the Bible: Part Eight – Context. This episode, we start the conversation on ‘context.’ How are we to approach this ancient text? What was the culture? How did the words written inform their world? How are we to relate to it in a responsible and intentional way? What is ‘Hermeneutical Humility?’ How can we take on that posture? How is it at odds with our American Evangelical upbringing? How can we combat the individualistic posture we were raised in? Further, how has that individualistic nature informed our theology and approach to God??? Who knew we’d have so much to cover in regards to the Bible… and we have so much more. Thanks for walking the long road with us.

This is a chaotic time period that is placing huge loads on people’s shoulders. From the crisis in Afghanistan and the mess in Texas to the consuming fires in California, the catastrophic weather in the South and the never ending pandemic, folks are struggling with immense depression and anxiety. If you feel this weight and the dark, isolating pressure it can bring with it, we want to encourage you to talk to someone. I (Tim) can often not even be aware I’m spiraling and I need to air out the mess before it consumes. Let’s cultivate a community that holds each other up, that pulls our neighbor out of the muck and the mire and sits in grief and lament with one another 🙂

As always, we encourage and would love discussion as we pursue. Always feel free to email in questions to hello@voxpodcast.com, and to engage the conversation on Facebook and Instagram.

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