Understanding the Bible: Part Five
EPISODE 309 |Mike Erre | 08/16/2021

Understanding the Bible: Part Five. Mike and Tim continue the journey into understanding the Bible. Today, they have a conversation about how the Bible speaks about itself. Mike examines and shares examples from all through the Bible where the text talks about the purpose it holds. How do we process this? What do these verses say and who is the author? Is it consistent? This will be followed by a conversation on “Divinely Inspired,” and “Authoritative” rhetoric in the next few weeks.

They also tackle an email sent in about the topic of spiritual abuse, within the family unit.

As always, we encourage and would love discussion as we pursue. Always feel free to email in questions to hello@voxpodcast.com, and to engage the conversation on here and Instagram.

The video by Tim Mackie that Mike mentioned can be seen HERE

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