Was Jesus Pro Gay? And The Difficulty With LGBTQ Questions
EPISODE 5 |Mike Erre | 09/12/2016

In this week’s episode we consider; Would Mike allow folks who are homosexual on a church staff or as church members? Was Jesus Pro-Gay and what would he say? The Anaheim Ducks are winning and Andy can’t help himself, and Mike writes a public statement on Gay marriage. As always, please leave your thoughts and questions in the comments below!

Read “A Statement About Gay Marriage” below:

Since we’ve started VOX The Mike Erre Podcast we’ve fielded many questions and comments in regards to the Church’s stance on Gay marriage and the LGBTQ conversation. In the midst of this and over the years I have begun to process a lot of these thoughts and I thought it would be appropriate to provide some more information about my stance on this topic.

I have recently been seeing an increasing number of ‘public statements’ on this issue from communities of faith, and most of them are resoundingly negative. I wanted to try a different approach. Let me know what you think.

– Mike Erre

A Statement About Gay Marriage

Section (1)

We see Jesus of Nazareth as the supreme revealer of what God is like (Col. 1; 2; Heb. 1- seen me you have seen the father.)

Through his miracles, Jesus demonstrates compassion for the poor, the outcast and the marginalized.

Through his table fellowship, Jesus demonstrates the power of grace and acceptance of those deemed sinful and unfit by the religious authority.

Through his teaching, Jesus reveals the inner workings of the Kingdom of God: it is both now and not yet; it starts small, but is ever growing; it looks weak but is unconquerable; it brings both grace and truth to the human situation, and summons all to repentance.

Through his anger, Jesus demonstrates his disdain for heartless, graceless and self-righteous religion – religion that shows neither mercy nor compassion for those who are on the outside of community of faith.

Through his suffering, Jesus demonstrates the unbreakable power of self-sacrificial love and non-violence. He both commands and models what it means to love one’s enemies.

Through his death, Jesus takes upon himself all that is bent and wretched, opening up the possibility of redemption and forgiveness to anyone.

Through his resurrection, Jesus launches God’s future new creation in this present world; so much so that all who come to Christ in faith are called “new creation.”

Section (2)

On this basis we joyfully affirm the following:

We will prayerfully respect the prevailing law of the land and ensure our LGBTQ friends, family and neighbors have equal rights under the law.

We will prayerfully and sacrificially love our neighbors, regardless of their sexual orientation, preferences or views.

We will prayerfully and sacrificially love our enemies, regardless of their sexual orientation, preferences or views.

We will be good news people – seeking to proclaim and demonstrate the good news of Jesus by being people who are loving, kind, and compassionate.

We will continue to wrestle with the scriptures and their enduring influence and authority in our lives; acknowledging the great diversity of opinion regarding many matters of theology.

We will support the rights of communities of faith to follow their own judgments regarding matters of sexuality and marriage.

We will continue to be good neighbors, respectful citizens, and promoters of human flourishing.

We will continue to invite anyone and everyone to study the teachings of Jesus and surrender their life to him.

– Mike Erre

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