What Causes Deconstruction?
EPISODE 323 |Mike Erre | 11/23/2021

What Causes Deconstruction? In this episode, Mike and Tim respond to Joshua Ryan Butler’s article for the Gospel Coalition called 4 Causes of Deconstruction.” In the article, Butler lays out four different causes for deconstruction: 1. Church Hurt 2. Poor Teaching 3. Desire to Sin. 4. Street Cred. Each section is broken into a symptom and a cure, ie. “Poor Teaching” is cured by “Good Teaching.” Is it wrong to deconstruct? Is it dangerous? Is it selfish? Can deconstruction be broken down this simply? Do we all fall into one of these categories when deconstructing our faith or culture? Is it all as simple as “symptom” and “cure?” If not, how are we to approach this all?

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Josh’s article can be read HERE

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