What’s Up, 1 Timothy 2?!?
EPISODE 379 |Mike Erre | 11/28/2022

What’s Up, 1 Timothy 2?!? All roads in the conversation for Biblical Masculinity and Biblical Femininity lead here: 1 Timothy 2, the scripture most used to keep women out of leadership roles. Today, Mike takes us on a deep dive to show how this is NOT what Paul was advocating for. What is the full context of Paul’s letter? Who is he talking to? What is he addressing? We have seen that Paul had women in leadership roles throughout his ministry, so what is he saying here? What is Gnosticism? How does the full context of Genesis, the gospel and everything in-between inform Paul’s writings? This verse has been used for decades to  sublimate women. While you can do all things with a verse taken out of context, maybe don’t 🙂

12:00 – 1 Timothy 2

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