When Good gods Go Bad
EPISODE 299 |Mike Erre | 06/07/2021

When good gods go bad. Episode 299. The end of the chapter. The last of this era. The one before 300. This week we spend time with the Divine Council. The what? Oh, they’re just potential other divine beings that rule over different areas. What? That’s what I said. Heavenly Hosts? Sons of God? The Elohim?? How do these beings play into the biblical narrative? Has God, the God, been going to war with these beings? How does this spiritual realm play into the life and ministry of Jesus? The Sermon on the Mount?? What? When? How? Why? Holy moly.

First, we spend time answering questions about the absence of Bonnie and the potential of a future, female co-host., American holidays (such as Memorial Day and 4th of July being celebrated in church on Sunday mornings and hypocrisy.

URGENT!!: Episode 300 is right around the corner and it is the moment where VOX evolves into its next iteration. As part of that, we want to include you. We will be discussing the future of the church, in both hope and lament. We’d like to have your voices as part of the conversation as a 30 second max message of hope or lament for the church, reflecting on what has been exposed over the last few years. We’d also love a bunch of one word responses, whatever they may be.

Either: Record a voice message on your phone and email it to tim@voxpodcast.com or call this Google Voice number and leave it as. A voice message: (530) 492-0382

As always, we encourage and would love discussion as we pursue. Always feel free to email in questions to hello@voxpodcast.com, and to engage the conversation on here and Instagram.

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