Eucharist, Politics, and LGBTQ in the Church – Guest Dan Koch of Depolarize!
EPISODE 86 |Mike Erre | 05/15/2017

Dan Koch, of Depolarize! Podcast and Reconstruct, was kind enough to spend some time with us asking some very good questions about our church, VOX Community, and it’s surrounding culture. This episode will also appear on one of his upcoming shows so he spends some time asking Mike some very good questions as well regarding the Eucharist, LGBTQ in the church, and politics in respect to Evangelicalism. We had a ton of fun and we are so grateful to be sharing this work together in the podcast arena. Check out Dan’s resources below:

Depolarize! Podcast: http://badchristianmedia.com/depolarize
Reconstruct Podcast: https://www.reconstructpodcast.com
Dan Koch Music : http://dankoch.net
Sherwood band: http://sherwoodmusic.net
Pacific Gold band: http://www.pacific-gold.com

– Mike Erre

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