LIVE Questions – What was Paul, Trusting God, And Toxic Relationships.
EPISODE 85 |Mike Erre | 05/12/2017

VOX Podcast LIVE Questions – What was Paul, Trusting God, and Toxic Relationships.

1. On the podcast #ThingsOnlyChristianWomenHear you said the 12 disciples that turned into the 12 apostles represented the 12 tribes of Israel, so what was Paul then? He’s the 13th apostle… maybe Melchizedek (totally guessing here)? High five on the podcast btw!

2. I have heard people say things like “your faith will unlock what God has for you.” This doesn’t seem to be theologically accurate, but it makes me anxious because there ARE passages in the Bible about how faith pleases God. Do you think it’s true that our words/level of faith have an impact on whether our prayers get answered? – How is it possible to trust God when there are so many other “wills” being done on earth? – What do you when you don’t hear from God and need to make a big decision?

3. I feel like there is this unspoken spiritual/emotional/psychological pressure or expectation to keep toxic people in our lives because Jesus suffers long with us and so we’re expected to do the same. But I’m not Jesus and I’ve let go of several relationships because of their toxicity and there is honestly an emotional and psychological relief. I mean I cut them out after 15-20+ years of trying so it’s not like I didn’t try. Why do I still feel conflicted spiritually like God is mad at me for not being a good Christian? Where is the balance? I feel like I absorbed some bad theology along the way that makes me feel like this. What do YOU do as a pastor in situations like this?

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