Jesus, Race, and Privilege
EPISODE 38 |Mike Erre | 09/14/2016

In this episode we discuss God’s version of justice in light of the national uproar around Jesus, race, and privilege in our current age. #TheBlackLivesMatter movement began almost a year ago in response to the death of Mike Brown Jr., killed by officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. And either things have gotten worse or we just know more now because of social media and expanded communication platforms. How God presents justice in not how America presents justice. God calls upon his people to be a whole existence of forgiveness, reconciliation, and voice for the marginalized of our days. In these days, we must be bearers of peace in His name. We think it’s highly unlikely that any policy or social campaign will ultimately resolve these issues without a body of people primarily committed to reconciliation, while celebrating our differences, as an outworking of the embodiment of a radical, graceful, and beautiful Jesus.

– Mike Erre

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Producer Notes

To my Filipino brothers and sisters. I apologize for each time I am asked if I speak Tagalog, and reply that I do not. I believe that I am a second generation bi-product to post mid century Americanization where people of multiple ethnic origins wanted to be more accepted by American culture by opting out of raising their children in their cultural traditions and languages, for fear of being perceived as “different” and unable to thrive in our country. Because of this I am greatly detached from my heritage, and I often personally lament this fact. I can barely make adobo well…I think I’ll try tonight. Yum.

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