Seismic Mike Responds to Godless Part 2
EPISODE 43 |Mike Erre | 09/14/2016

In this episode we uncover the next hot religion that has A LOT to do with Harry Potter. In Pt. 2 of “Seismic Mike Responds to Godless” we discuss the sermon on the mount and present it’s critical context to see how Jesus offers correction to the way the laws of the Torah were being upheld. While there are many conversations to be had in regards to the questions left on the table by Godless, the claim that “Jesus failed to communicate what it is that he wanted to communicate.”, is especially important to address because, if we go as far to consider the depth of the contextual value of Jesus’ Jewish heritage and identity it may possibly clear up many misconceptions, across the entire Bible, held not only by atheists but also Christians who’ve presented a less beautiful Jesus.

Disclaimer*: We clearly understand the perceived unfairness of this format in which we are having the chance to respond to very big questions asked by our friends here, without them present on the show. However, this day and age it seems rare that we get to listen to a complete thought before it is interrupted by your opposing debator. Furthermore, permission has been granted to respond in this way in which we will offer the last word for our guests as they have the opportunity to digest these thoughts in full presentation while not engaged in partial conversation.

A bit about Godless:

Godless is the co-host on the Metal Sucks Podcast, and identifies as a agnostic atheist. Tweet Godless on Twitter at @Godlessspeaks and you can engage in his content at www.chuckandgodless.com.

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– Mike Erre

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