How to Read the New Testament – Women, Islam, Slavery and Homosexuality
EPISODE 44 |Mike Erre | 09/14/2016

In this episode we kindly observe some iTunes reviews, discuss deeper issues regarding Pearl Jam, and offer a thought experiment and observation about a way that we can approach the New Testament through the life of Islam, a woman, slaves, and consider homosexuality in our day. In light of such suggestions like; Jesus failed to present his mission of grace and love clearly during his time (Ref: How to talk with an Atheist – Guest Godless), we would build a case to suggest that it was quite the contrary. What began as a small movement among 1 messiah and 12 followers that became 3 million over approximately 3 years, might suggest Jesus’ revolution to bring freedom to the oppressed and exist beyond the demise of the Roman Empire, was indeed successful and very clear. What seems unclear, contradicting, and confusing is when we take our western American worldview and try to apply it to the shame and guilt culture of the middle east. So, today we look at the cultural narrative of the New Testament, and consider truly what made Jesus so radical to the peers and status quo of his day.

– Mike Erre

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