Should I Stay or Should I Go
EPISODE 297 |Mike Erre/Timothy Gombis, PhD | 05/24/2021

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Is it just a great song by the only band that matters (The Clash), or is it the question posed by Tim on his membership to the Church? We discuss a recent interview with Brian Houston about the “moral failings” of pastors in their employ, like New York Megapastor Carl Lentz. Does the model make any sense? Has it been off focus from the start and where does that place us all now? Can it be corrected? Are Houston’s excuses or vision legit? With the Church seemingly more and more missing the intended mark, is it better to stay and help correct or is better to just build a community that follows what Jesus started? How does the Church play by Old Creation dynamics? Are we called to stay? What about this new ‘God Bless The USA Bible (!!!)’ from Zondervan?? Where are we? This is next level bananas… Much to his surprise, we beam in Gombis from his front porch where he was eating a burrito and pondering U2 theology to answer all our questions.

Houston interview: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/founder-hillsong-church-says-he-had-concerns-about-disgraced-former-n1267842

God Bless USA Bible (Yes, it’s real): https://religionunplugged.com/news/2021/5/12/zondervan-harpercollins-license-god-bless-the-usa-bible-that-includes-constitution

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