The Myth of the American Dream
EPISODE 296 |Mike Erre/D.L. Mayfield | 05/17/2021

The Myth of the American Dream. Today we sit down with author D.L. Mayfield to discuss her journey and the road that led to her writing ‘The Myth of the American Dream.’ We talk about growing up as a pastor’s kid, missionary work and what it looks like to really love you neighbor. D.L. has had a rad and very practical undiscipling of the beliefs she was handed for what Jesus may actually have instead for her (and us). What does loving your neighbor look like with the people next door? What about refugees, immigrants and other displaced people? Who is it that God had in mind when advocating for the marginalized and the meek? What’s a ‘lock in?’ Who was Agnes United?

We also read some listener responses to “Jennifer’s” questions (from last episode) about how to reconstruct. This community continues to inspire and we are so thankful.

You can find D.L.’s book here: https://www.ivpress.com/the-myth-of-the-american-dream
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Instagram & Twitter: @d_l_mayfield

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