Unified – Part Five: Defining the Center
EPISODE 336 |Mike Erre | 02/21/2022

Unified – Part Five: Defining the Center. This episode, Mike offers thoughts on defining the “center” of the ‘Centered Set’ focus (as first explored by Paul Hiebert, via Mark Baker). Defining the center is the most important task of a Centered Focused Church. For christians, the center is the God revealed by Jesus Christ. But, saying that Jesus is the center is not a complete definition. Who is God (our conceptions about God will influence whether we do church in a bounded, fuzzy, or centered way, and the paradigm of our church will influence how we view God)? Who is Jesus??

  1. Jesus was Jewish
  2. Jesus preached the Kingdom Of God
  3. Jesus preached and embodied the ‘Great Reversal’
  4. The Kingdom Of God created conflict
  5. Jesus revealed the Father
  6. Cruciformity
  7. Eschatological bearer of judgment

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