Unified – Part Two: If I Should Fall Behind
EPISODE 333 |Mike Erre | 01/31/2022

Unified – Part Two: If I Should Fall Behind. Today we broaden the conversation on unity and what it means to be ‘unified.’ Mike continues the concepts of ‘Bounded, Fuzzy & Centered’ sets (as first explored by Paul Hiebert, via Mark Baker), but furthers it to how they relate and manifest in the Church.

  • Bounded churches: One’s status in relation to the boundary line is communicated in a variety of ways. “We don’t believe/do that”; silence and shunning. Even hearing how others are talked about (unstated lines are no less real!!!!)
  • Fuzzy Churches: Whatever-ism – People refrain from confronting someone else in regard to hurtful actions, but rarely describe beliefs and action as inappropriate.
  • Centered Churches: The center is Jesus; Jesus is the focus, not the boundary line. To whom does the person offer their worship or allegiance? Are you living in the new creation? Are you trusting God for your security rather than rituals? Which direction are you heading?

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