Unified – Part Three: Treating Symptoms & Roots
EPISODE 334 |Mike Erre | 02/07/2022

Unified – Part Three: Treating Symptoms & Roots. Mike continues with the concepts of ‘Bounded, Fuzzy & Centered’ sets (as first explored by Paul Hiebert, via Mark Baker) and how they pertain to Church Discipline and leaving behind the judgment of Bounded Churches. Critiquing a Bounded Church is not a critique of boundaries; boundaries are often healthy expressions of care – without limits children do not thrive. While boundaries are good things, a Bounded Church twists and misuses them. A Bounded Church is one whose identity is defined by the boundary line and who uses the boundary line to self-righteously divide the included from the excluded.

  • Discipline in Bounded Churches: Focus is boundary. Not much grace for failure and the focus is on externals, not internals. Exclusion and Shame.
  • Discipline in Fuzzy Churches: Avoid most judgment altogether (except for the people who do draw lines). Avoid making someone else feed bad.
  • Discipline in Centered Churches: Deal with each case individually. Deal with roots, not symptoms. Relationship building; mutual learning and transformation.

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