Women in Leadership – Guest Bonnie Lewis
EPISODE 46 |Mike Erre/Bonnie Lewis, MA | 09/14/2016

In this episode Bonnie Lewis offers to discuss emails she received about the topic of ‘women in leadership’. It becomes clear as the conversation moves forward, the she has clearly faced opposition in the evangelical/non-denominational church culture where she is not treated as an equal teaching leader among men. The stance of the complementation view is still held by many. And while respected, we would feel that holding fast to this view could offer a hurdle for many to see our beautiful Jesus, who delights in the gifts of both his discipled men and women. Some people out there say, “why aren’t there any good women (Biblical) teachers out there?” We’d say because, no one will them teach. Bonnie is an exceptional teacher, and available for booking as you may have a need. And were not talking about your cookie decorating, cute, and crafty women’s ministry event.

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– Mike Erre

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